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Monday, February 8, 2010

In Caidence News...

well, where or where should I start..... I wanted to give you all little snippets into what's new with Caidence-

Nae has just started gymnastics...or "nastics", really its the stay and play at the Y, and she loves it to pieces.  Cody usually meets us there because there is a lot of chasing a very busy 22mo old around, so he comes to help the pregnant mama!  Today we were in the circle, doing the wheels on the bus song, and I saw Daddy come in but C didn't.  Then all of a sudden she noticed him...hopped up out of my lap, ran right over to him, gave him a huge hug and then ran back to me to finish the song.  Talk about melting my heart.  I love watching her with her daddy..... I love the fact that she felt so excited to see her dad there at "nastics" that she had to hop up and let him know how special it made her feel.  Sorry to get carried away, but it was a moment that I don't want to ever forget.  Caidence did so well the rest of class, we absolutely LOVE to go and watch our little girl run, and jump and just be as carefree and happy, and proud of the new thing she just discovered she can do.....I love how her smile never leaves her face the entire time we are there.  I just love to watch her grow, and become a tad more independent, and just be so simply happy.

Caidence has also taken great interest in her "imaginary play" toys.  Her kitchen set from Santa is a huge hit, and we all just sit and watch her do so many things that mommy does in her kitchen.  It's so funny because I would say she is relatively quiet, maybe even a little shy, but never ever does she miss something.  She certainly takes it all in, processes it, and then applies it to whatever she is doing.  One of my favorite things that she does is when she gets her cookies out of her oven, with her oven mitts of course, she turns to the dogs and says, "".  Oh that sweet lil girl of ours...she cracks me up!

We have been trying to incorporate talk of baby E into everything we can with Caidence.  The big day is approaching :)  We washed a few of Easton's things that I want to take to the hospital with us, and I think today Caidence and I will start packing his bag for the hospital.  I am so excited that very, very soon Caidence will officially become a proud and happy "big sis".  I can't wait for the day when she finally gets to hold her little brother.  Her turn may take a little longer than we had anticipated, but it will come....and when it does I know she will hug him tight, and show him nothing but unconditional love....She is the only one that can give him something that we can't:  Love without any worries, without any questions of what's ahead for him, to her he will just be her sweet baby brother Easton. 

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