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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Less than 1 month...

Well, at our last appt we got some good and exciting news... news that we knew we were going to get, but that still didn't take away from the excitement.....we got the date of our amnio.  Sweet baby E could very well enter this world on March 11.  We will head up to Buffalo for the amnio at 9:30, wait an hour for the results to come back and if all is well they will do the C-Section that very same afternoon.  HOORAY!  We are really hoping that the 11th is the big day, and if he's anything like his sis, he will be ready.  Heck there are some nights when I think that he is ready now, but I just keep telling him he needs to be patient (even though secretly I am wishing it was time too).  I can honestly say though, we can not wait to meet our little man!

The Dr's appt went almost felt somewhat routine.  We weren't on pins and needles, we weren't full of nerves and anxiety and questions...we were just there, there to check up on our babes.  Not saying that we know all that we need to know, and that we still don't worry, because of course we do, but we are doing just fine with the news that we've been given, and we (our lil family of 4)  will be just fine with whatever comes our way.

Baby E was a little shy, and of course tried his best to hide his back from the sonographer, but they got a decent look at everything that they needed to.  They are still saying his leision is in the lower lumbar region, so that has stayed pretty consistent.  His ventricles are dialated, but  they are saying that he is borderline right now for a shunt, and again, this is all expected to change once he's born.  The chances of him needing a shunt at some point are very good....and that's okay-we know that he will get what he needs.  He is about 4lbs 9oz, so his growth is right on track and he is doing great.  Even though things are a little more crowded in there, he still had good leg movement so that is always encouraging, but again this could change after his closure.  On a funny note, I said he was being shy, but Dr. Lele made the comment about how he was not being shy about showing off his manhood..... we almost died.  She is a tiny, little woman who is very soft spoken and that comment kind of floored me.  Even funnier though, I missed it, I didn't even see his manhood...Cody was like how in the world did you miss it!?, but I was busy looking at other things must be!

We toured the NICU and met with one of the head Dr' was a pleasant suprise but still overwhelming.  I don't know what picture I had painted in my head, but when we walked in I felt somewhat of a sense of relief, I think partly because I thought I would bawl as soon as I got in there....but to my surprise, I didn't feel the need to cry.  They call myelomeningocele babies M&M babies and they really talked about how healthy our babies are compared to most in the NICU.  We have actually heard this from a few people now, and although it is reassuring news for all of us, it's still heart breaking for all of the other lil babes and their families, and I know once we are in there, it will be even more so.

All we have been hoping, praying, wishing for baby E is for him to be the healthiest, happiest little baby that he can be.  People will say you never know, God works miracles...and to us, he already has....Easton is already a miracle.  This is a part of's who he is, and we don't want to change that.  Now that doesn't mean that we don't want something to come along at some point to help him along his way, because of course we do.  But at the same time we want him to accept his SB just like he would accept freckles if he has them...We want him to know and to be OK with the fact that he may be different, but not less.....(thanks aunt Joy for that quote)  Besides, who wants to be and do everything like everyone else anyways.  With that said, if everyone could just keep praying, hoping, wishing for him to be the healthiest and happiest that he can be we would really appreciate it....we love the love that you all feel for this little guy.  It's amazing how one little life can impact so many lives and no one has even met this little man yet.

Our next appt is scheduled for the 24th and after the hospital we are hoping to go to the Ronald McDonald house to take Caidence through it, just so it's somewhat familiar....and from there we will go play at the Rondeau's so she can get familiar with their house, because we will be spending some time there as well.  The next few weeks will be all prep for Easton.... Caidence has started to say his name and that is quite adorable. She actually calls him  "Steeston" or "deeston".  She has managed to swipe a couple of his binkis, and a couple of his hats for her babies, but I know Easton won't mind sharing with his sissy.  Tomorrow we are going to spend a quiet Valentines day at home....we have bump pics in the morning, but then we are going to dig out all of the baby stuff and get it set up, and make chocolate covered strawberries as a family...It's going to be a family day at home, and we are looking forward to it.  I'm sure Caidence will be quite the helper tomorrow!

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