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Monday, March 15, 2010

Bear With Me, Daddy's First Post

Hello Everyone!
I hope this message works out, this is Daddy Rapp and the first time i've tried to post anything, little wifey usually handles this but i thought I should help and participate.  Today is March 15th and right now I'm carin' for little Nae Nae, but she is taking her afternoon nap right now so i got some free time.

Little E is doing very well after his 1st revision of his shunt, the bradycardio's (not sure if that is how you spell it) have definity decreased but still has them once and awhile, I'm praying its more of a premie side affect which i've been assure is a good possibility.  He is bottling like a champ and Mare and him have been working on the breastfeeding bit....he does well but I think he gets impatient with the boobies and wants the bottle. but those two will keep working on it and he'll get it I'm sure!  So right now he is just resting, eating, and pooping( he is a pooping machine!).  Hopefully this revision works better then the first and he keeps getting stronger and we can get home, we so desperately miss home.

Well now I will see if I can get some pics up, I don't want to over work myself with the first post!  Love all of you and thank you for all your support!

Cody, proud Dada dada

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