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Monday, March 29, 2010

Quick little update

Hello all!  Here is the latest on the Easton update.  Last week we "played" the game as Justin the neuro resident called it, and let me tell ya it was a game that wasn't very much fun.  As far as Easton goes he was great, as far as those pesky cultures go...he was not.  It took until Tuesday to get a negative culture...I know you are all thinking Tuesday?! that was forever a go, but they were taking much longer to grow out than the normal 24 hours so we weren't confident that Tuesday's was truly negative until Saturday night.  So finally Easton was no longer NPO every morning.  The reason why he was NPO was because it took until later in the week to see the trend that they wanted to see in the cultures to convince them that the EVD was not contaminated, so finally baby E caught a break.  No contamination, No new EVD needed, just have to ride out the infection.  We need 10 days of  negative cultures before they put in a new VP shunt, so the way I do the math it is looking like Friday we will be headed to the OR...neuro has neither denied or agreed that this is the day so lets not quote me on this, I'm just assuming. 

Let's see what else is going on with our lil man.... he has gotten to wear all sorts of fun hats last week...and by hats I mean the gauze wraps to protect the EVD.  I think Dr. Li should give some lessons on head wrapping.  He came back from the the OR with his lil head wrapped perfectly, then about Tuesday they changed the dressing, and it all went down hill from there.  Now I am not poking fun at anyone because I will be first to say I tried to wrap his head and he still ended up with a funky turban.  Lets see, he's had horns this week, he's looked like Marge Simpson.  It's been kinda funny to see what his hat looks like when I walk in every morning, and I have some cute pics that I will upload asap.  But there he will be, looking a bit like a hot mess, and he'll just look at you, happy and content as can be.  Melissa his night primary and I died laughing one night.  He's the sweetest little bub ever, not to be a nin about it, but he really is.  He just goes with the flow, and he's got this look that he gives that just melts your heart.  He is just so easy to fall in love with.  He has been doing those sleepy twitch smiles that I love so much...I am very eager to write one down as his first smile, but I'm holding out, holding out for the real deal.

As I'm sitting here writing all of this about him, it's making me miss our little guy so much.  Today is the first day that I havn't seen him at all, and to be honest I want to cry, but I just keep telling myself that it would be best for me to keep me and my stinkin' cold away if I can help it. When I got home from E's shower (more on E's shower tomorrow, I still don't have the words today for it <3) last night I couldn't tell if I was really sick or just really tired, and woke up this morning knowing that I couldn't go in and see him, and I was actually relieved I didn't go in last night when I got back up to B-lo.  Chris (his daytime primary nurse) told Cody today that she thought he seemed a little off, and he had a bit of a rash so by the sounds of it he has a little something going on too, and when Cody got in there to see him he could see that our lil guy isn't feeling too hot.  Don't be alarmed, everyone there just thinks it's something viral.  He just didn't eat as much today, and just isn't himself.  So by the sounds of it maybe mama shared a lil more than her love :(  but in case he has something different I'm going to keep my distance so he doesn't catch my cold on top of it.  We need him as healthy as can be so that he can still go in on Friday.  I just wish they could suit me up in some anti-germ garb.... shoot, I wouldn't mind being covered from head to toe, all I need are eye holes so I can see him, but really it is best not only for him, but the other 5 babies in his unit.  sigh.

In Nae Nae news.....we have a 2 year old everybody.  Caidence Noelle turned 2 on the 22nd and I can not believe it.  Now if you ask her if she's 2 she'll say "no, no 2" with her little hand waving in the air, like you just asked her the silliest question ever.  She is a riot, and as much as I wanna say "no, no 2" and keep her 1 for ever she is definitely growing up and doing big girl things.  It makes me happy and sad all at the same time.  She's a very independent little girl, with great big sis qualities about her.  I've always known she would make a great big sissy, but this last week she has just amazed me.  It's like a switch flipped...lil miss independent now picks out her own clothes, and jammies.....whoa, who wants to wear jammies when you can wear leggins and tees to bed.  She now tries to jump into her pull up at night, she's got all of these fancy new foot moves, and she even does tricks on the stairs that about give her mom mom a heart attack, but daddy insists that shes just fine, and she is.  Aunt Jill got her a fancy pair of red cowboy boots and today she was practicing standing on the heels of them.  It just looked like a very big girl thing to be doing.  She's growing up that lil one.  She is just such a very sweet girl, but don't worry she still has the sass that I've always talked about (that really hasn't gone anywhere, nore do I really expect it to anytime soon).  Oh and "NO" is her favorite word, as I am sure it is with many 2 year olds but I think Caidence over uses the word a bit.  I keep telling her that we need to work on that a bit.  As I'm sitting here talking about her, I am now missing her like crazy (she's at the Rondeau's her new 2nd family!)  Oh these kiddos of ours...I just can't wait until we are home, and can be together all of the time.  I can't wait to love both of my babes up at the same time, I feel like I'm missing out on things with both of them, but I just keep telling myself (and Cody) soon enough we will be home...soon enough (although Caidence may miss the endless supply of cookies, cupcakes and her pick of a new beanie baby everyday....I'll be first to say she's been spoiled here at the Ronald McDonald house, home just isn't going to be as....well "sweet" for her, but I'm sure she'll be just fine with going home). 

I will try to add some picks tomorrow, but right now I'm going back to bed.....just wanted to do a quick lil update.  Hope all is well with everyone! Love and miss you all!


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