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Monday, April 19, 2010

Home again, Home again...jiggity jig

Well, I have been trying to come up with some snazzy fantastic title for this weeks blog and that's the best I could's what my mom always said whenever we pulled in our driveway when we were the wee ones, so it seemed fitting :)  We have actually been home for well over a week now and let me tell you it has been fantastic!  We arrived home on Saturday, April 10th at around 5:30pm.....Welcome Home Easton...or welcome to the zoo, and literally what a zoo it was, our 3 dogs and cat were there to welcome us all home, the only one missing was Caidence.  She was at Kane and Amy's because we still had some loose ends at the hospital that Code and I had to tie up together so she had to have a sleep over with the cousins. 

So there we were getting settled in and anxiously awaiting the arrival of sissy....and when she finally arrived she was passed out, and we couldn't get her to wake up for anything lol!  It was kind of unbelievable just how tuckered she was.  So we welcomed our visitors and shared our lil sweet pea with our family and we were just able to relax.  Off to bed we went around 11 and yes, Nae was still sleeping.  To be honest I was feeling kind of bummed that she wasn't going to meet her brother that day, but it's not like he wouldn't be there the following morning to greet her.  Easton woke up at 3:30 that morning and he was doing his normal hungry cry and as I got him out of his bed and sat back down in ours and I heard this little voice say..."mom, dinkie"  I looked over and she was awake....FINALLY!! And she wanted her little brother to have his binkie.  I flashed her a huge smile and said "Nae, meet your lil brother...Easton".....then she flashed me an even bigger smile and said "Deas".  Melt my heart...and as I was sitting their embracing the two of them meeting for the first time, poor dada was in the bathroom with a bloody nose...just the luck!  So then, as a family, we all headed downstairs so E could eat and Caidence could really take a good look at her new baby brother.

Such a sweet night it was, and even though it may not have played out exactly as I had imagined it, it was beautiful.  We all stayed up for a good hour or so just playing, and she would pop over to take a good look at her brother every now and then, but it felt like she knew exactly who he was all along.  It was apparent that I wasn't the only one who created a bond with Easton while he was in my belly. 

Things have been going so well for us since we've been home...we've been able to just relax and enjoy our time together.  There are times when things get a little hairy, but we just work through them.  Code went back to work on Monday, and I'm sure they were happy to have him back, and he was happy to be back. Caidence is such a big helper with him.  She's all about helping with everything, even nursing, which I'm not gonna lie, that gets a little interesting, but still her favorite thing is helping him with his binkie.  She loves to hold him, but doesn't love it when her blankie is anywhere near her baby brother.  I guess she'll share her mama but not her blankie, lol.  I will say that she did tell Easton that my lap was her's..."no Deas, it's Nae's" were her exact words to him, but that's when I told her that I had 2 legs, 1 for each of them. Silly girl, she's still getting pretty fancy with her daily outfits, even Steve the candy man commented on them when we were outside one day :)

As for Easton....the traveling nurse came out on Monday and he weighed 6lbs,and he had his first check up with Dr. Kahn on Wednesday and everything went wonderfully, and he was 6lbs 2.5oz.....then on Friday when his nurse came back he was 6lbs 4.5oz....he's a growing boy, what can I say!  Wednesday he was 8 weeks old, and yesterday he was officially 2mos old.  (I still get confused with the weeks and months....what do you go by?!)  He is loving home though...he gets to snack whenever he wants to, and sissy and him play on a blanket on the floor all the time.  He's just so wonderful...he is actually laying on my lap right now...and that is quite a fantastic thing!  The only hang up is the monitor/oxygen situation, it's a little cumbersome but nothing to complain about...he needs it, and we are home!  He's actually only needed the oxygen a couple times, and he still bradi's often, especially when he eats but he's working on it. I did get a half grin out of him on Thursday which was adorable, but I'm still not counting that as his first real smile.  We had a meeting with EI on Friday, and are now just waiting for his PT to call to set up a time for her to come out to the house to start therapy.  I am still taping his left foot to help the positioning of it, so I'm hoping she wants to continue that or has a better option to keep his foot at more of a right angle instead of it dangling. 

As far as our week ahead, just more falling into our routine- that is if we ever find one.  We are headed back up to Buffalo on the 20th to get his stitches out.  They kept them in for a little longer due to the fact that they had to open up the shunt site so many times, but I will say it is healing beautifully...he is healing beautifully.  He is just so sweet everytime I look at him I just want to kiss him....and most of the time I do just that!   

To all of are all amazing.  You have no idea what your love, support and prayers mean to all of us.  It feels so good to know that Easton is loved by so many, and I know that I've said this before but thank you all for everything. have no idea what it means to our little family.  Life is good for us, I have never felt more blessed...Love my husband and everything he does for us...Love my kiddos and all of the wonderfulness they bring to our lives...just love my really couldn't be more beautiful.

And finally a few more fun pics!   <3 to all from the Rapp fam


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