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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nothin' but some fun pics

                                                        and so the crazy hats begin....

                                                                    oh my heavens...

                                          this one takes the cake...E's channeling Marge Simpson

                                                                       .simply sweet.

                                    his first tape help his little foot and tooters stay in place


                                                      quite possibly my fav look all nicu...
                                      just getting the hearing test done but it looks like he's jammin'

                                                       it may or may not be true that she had
                                                   a case of the sticky fingers with those glasses

                                                     family picture at the zoo... minus baby E

                                             it took her all night to get her hair to look like that

                                                        so snazzy in her new sunglasses

                                                  no surprise that blue is her favorite color

                                                     clearly she didn't want her picture taken

                                                       right before the "island" egg hunt

                                   well, at least this year she found more eggs than pine cones

                                          nothing like a scraped knee to start off spring/summer

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