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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Well, I was hopeful for a post last week, but last week came and went so fast that I didn't even have time to think of a title let alone write about it!  Let's start with mama's day....I hope you all had a great mother's day :)  I woke up with a bed full of babies (oh please, like I don't every other morning) but on mama's day it is that much sweeter.  The kids have no idea yet what it's all about, but someday they will realize that they are the little miracles that have made me able to celebrate that day, and they will realize what that means to me.  Being a mom is what I have always wanted, and I feel so blessed to be one. 

Nae and dadio came up with 3 little boxes, one from each of them....they each got me charms for my pandora was pretty sweet to say the least.  We enjoyed our snuggles for a while and then From that moment on it was time to get busy.....we had a mess of house and family coming over in no time at all.  We celebrated...we celebrated Easton's home coming, Caidence's birthday, and of course Mother's was a busy day, but it was a good day.  And after everyone left, the four of us just hung out. We watched a couple movies and just enjoyed the lounge time together, it was great to be able to just hang with my kiddos, and Cody and not feel like I had to do anything else other than just be.  And I will say the kitchen stayed a mess for 2 days after the party so perhaps I got a little caught up in the "just be" moment. 

Back to the week after mama's day was a busy one.  On Monday the 10th, we went up to Buffalo for Lung Center, the NP was ready to yank the plug on E's monitor, but Cody and I had to pull back the reigns a little on that one.  So, I am happy to say that Easton only uses his monitor when I can't keep an eye on him.... so basically just when we all are sleeping.  It feels so good to just carry my baby, and not some monitor along with him...He's cordless, quite the modern feature LOL!  The oxygen was removed from the house on Thursday....wooo  hooo!  And he is doing beautifully, hasn't had a spell in quite a while.  lil turkey. 

We were back up to the B-lo on the 13th, and Easton saw one of  his favorite ladies in Buffalo....Sarah....Dr. Li's NP.  She is so wonderful, I can not even tell you.  She took out his stitches, and bumped up the pressure on Easton's shunt.  He went from a 12 to a 14, and this was due to the fact that his ventricles were a touch on the small side, and we know how Easton's have a tendacy to collapse, so they want his ventricles to plump up just a smidge.  I will say so far so good.  It's amazing what a difference the correct shunt's all about trial and error, and Easton proves to be a tricky one, but I feel like we have finally gotten it.  Phew.

Oh that sweet Easton.....I find it so hard to believe that he is 3 months....that's 1/4 of a year....already.  I don't know how I feel about that to be honest.  Part of me is happy, but part of me is sad that we are already at 3 months with our little peach.   PT is going great still, we've learned some great moves, and I think I'm finally sort of getting the hang of them,maybe.... just in time to learn new ones on Monday.  Miss Anna starts on Thursday, so we will learn some new OT moves to help E along his way.....  He is really starting to smile, and coo, and it is just the sweetest thing.  You really forget how sweet that is.  Caidence now tries to get him to track her, and she'll say to him, "where's nae nae....there she is, as she pops out from behind the pillow.  Watching her with him is one of my favorite things.  She's a good sissy....

The past few weeks have been so crazy....mostly good crazy...Easton is getting everything that he needs, and Caidence too!  We have had her evaluated for speech, and have not heard the official news that she did not qualify, but both ladies that evaluated her said that she wouldn't qualify....sigh.....I just need to remember that these little kiddos do everything on their own time.  She is starting to open up and chat a lot more around us....not so much around other people because she is so shy, but I know that it's only going to be a matter of time before we can't keep that pretty lil mouth of hers quiet :)  I remember when Cody and I sat there in April and said, oh May won't be so busy, and we've had stuff for the pee wees every day but Friday for all of May, and the last 2 weeks we've had at least 1 trip to Buffalo....but seriously now, things should be calming down a bit next month.  I kind of hope. I would just like to get into somewhat of a stuff everyday is fine, but it would surely help if we can get on track where it would be the same time every week, and I know with PT and OT we are there :).

I'd be lying if I didn't say that some days I feel like my knuckles are dragging behind me....but we've all been there.  You just have to keep on keeping on....(what the heck is that from?).  Seriously though, all day I just think to myself..just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, just keep swimming... whatever gets me through the day somedays. lol...Ya just have to take it day by day.   By the way all of those flowers we were planting in the last post...well, they are all nearly dead...whooopsie... or OOPSH as Caidence says.  E for effort, E for effort....if nothing else, she had fun doing it.

Well, that's it for now.... I will upload some pics of the last 2 weeks later tonight! (ps- E got his pics taken today by my friend Kim, and from what I've seen they look amazing, so as soon as I get some, I will post them!)

love from the rapps <3

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