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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

fun in the sun for the 4th

We, as many Americans this year celebrated the 4th on the 3rd, which I have to admit I was not a huge fan of- fireworks on the 3rd just seemed goofy ....however I am so glad that we did because on the 4th, we were headed up to Buffalo with E, but that's for another post!  We started the day with a short viewing of the Warren parade..... we left half way through it because we were onto phase 2 of our day.  We met the Gilevski's at Midway (or as the coin I made in the arcade says Midwax 2010.....whoopsie lol)  The girls had such a great time.  They were adorable, and I just couldn't get enough, and neither could they!  

They rode the rides and played the games.... they were so cute to watch together.... Caidence could not get enough of the fast rides, she kept trying to get on the Dragon (thank goodness it was broken) That girl is more of a dare devil than I had originally thought!  We spent a couple of hours at Midway, and that was enough for the pip's and off we went to our house for a bbq before the fireworks.  All in all it was a sweet day, and those girls are just about the cutest best friends ever.  Holding hands, and just being them.  I really love them, love their sweet little friendship, and watching it grow.

Lots of pics here! Sorry I had a hard time editing!

fireworks were great, and the whole time Caidence shouted out her colors...and I have to admit I loved the purple ones just because I got to hear her say "puhpal" in that oh so sweet voice of hers.

It was such a great day...great times with great people! Thanks for spending the day with us gilevski fam!

And just wanted to say Congratulations to the Lampo family on their sweet new addition Madden James...enjoy every single sweet little moment! <3

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