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Thursday, February 10, 2011

One day....

This right here will forever be my February song. Meant to be uploaded to the blog on the 1st, yet here we are on the 10th..... details, details. This was a huge part of the Olympics last winter so it was always on the radio- it was always the song that I hoped for on the short car ride from the RMH to Childrens and I must admit that E and I jam out to it at least once a day. And everyday I cry with a smile on my face because, well it's that kind of song to me. Clearly, I'm letting you all in on the small little fact that I am a HUGE cry baby. What can I say- it's what I do.... not because I'm sad, but it's like laughing.... I do it once a day.
The passed weekend was grand- we went to the snowflake festival with some of our favorite people...some feel good people, and although it was maybe a bit busy, I think the kiddos had a great time building their bird houses (or in Caidence's case a dino house).   Thanks for hanging with us Haglund family :)

By the end of it, Easton could barely keep those little peepers open, but man these pics are stinking adorable!

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