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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trixie is Three!

Little miss Caidence Noelle is three years old.  I am a mother of a three year old, and it has taken us only 1095 days to come up with about 16 nicknames for this little sweet cheeks, and those cheeks sure are sweet.  We have quite the little lady on our hands who is a whole lotta sweet with a dash of spunk. (somedays that equation may be flipped, but we'll take her).  I think back at the last three years and I know that each year I think to myself about how much she has changed, how much she has grown into a little girl, but this year I can barely put it into words.  The baby face that once looked up at me is now a full blown little girls face- with big eyes full of wonder, and whys, and perfect little pouty lips that make the best kissy lips.  She is growing up, and I want to pull back the reigns so bad.  I just keep telling myself that she is only getting better with age, as the passed few months she has melted my heart, and made me giggle in ways that I didn't know were possible. 

She is a girl living in her own world, and sometimes I get fully emersed in it, and man it's a place where I wish we could all be.  It's a world where cows are in snow covered pastures with hot pink cable knit boots on ("because the cows could come out of their barn if they had boots on like Nae"), and where you have to look through hand binoculars to try to find the "cars that should wear rain coats too"..... it's a world where you can leave the house looking nothing short of a bag lady, and have the confidence to feel like you look like the most beautiful girl in the world.  The more color and pattern the better.  It's a place where your best friend can be a wooly bear, where Pinkalicious is the coolest girl you could ever read about, where sheet forts are mansions better than ones you can find in Beverly Hills...... it's a place so beautiful and peaceful and carefree and most importantly, innocent.  I absolutely love it when I get drawn into her world, and oh how I hope she stays in that world for a long, long time.  She's got her own little way about her, and I truly hope that she always keeps that little way about her. 

Baby girl, isn't a baby anymore..... in fact she is a high heel wearing ballerina princess- all at the same time because she's good like that, and her mama and daddy love her like no other.  Not to mention her lil brother East.  He's head over heels for her as well, and to him every little thing she does is magic.  So Nizz, Nae Nae, Trixie, Noelle.....Happy 3rd Birthday my love.

In true Pinkalicious style, we went ice skating on her Birthday and she thought she was the cats ass out there, if not that definately Kristi Yamaguchi.  It was her first time, and of course she wore her crown, and tried lifting her leg and getting fancy.  She had a ball and didn't want it to end, but unfortunately for her, daddy and mama's feet were killing them.  And although her first time in the rink was not in cotton candy pink ice skates, but rented brown skates a size too big, she couldn't have asked for a better time!

And to follow up such fun....why not Johnny's Lunch- her favorite :)

In true Rapp fashion, we managed to drag her Birthday out as long as possible so we had just a few of her girlies up....and her boys too for just a little play date.

giddy up.

And to hit it home, a fun filled Sunday with the family.

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