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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Would she....?

Well, Caidence had her first day of school this week, Tuesday to be exact, and along with happiness came much unnecessary anxiety of how things would go.

My Monday night had a lot of this going on:
Would she cry when I left, even though we had been talking about exactly what would happen when we got there and why, and when I would come back.  I just didn't know.  Would she easily become overwhelmed by all of the other children, would she play, would she interact, would she play but really want to cry, would she..... would she.... would she....????? You get the picture.  Would she maybe just go play like all of the other little kids and wish that her mama wasn't such a crazy lady? Yup.  As I finally drifted off to sleep, I knew that there was a little excitement under all that worry for the next morning to come.It was my baby girls first day of school, and I had big, FUN,exciting plans for the morning!  It was going to be such an great morning with pancakes, and a tubbie time with tons of bubbles and such.

And then we woke up. 

This is when I realized that maybe today wasn't going to be the picture perfect, fun filled day that I had thought up for the two of us on our new adventure. 

clearly not too impressed with the pancakes

I thought about omitting the tub to make things easier, then I looked at this. 

but somehow we made it through.... and we got to this:
 clean and cute.... but not quite the first day of school picture I was hoping for. 

So we tried again and got this:
 hmmm.... not quite the look either.  (it's okay to giggle, I am)

 Don't hold the excitement back Nae

 in the school parking lot

 thank you Dino Dan for her new found interest in dinosaurs.

and she was finally genuinely excited.

So the morning didn't go quite as planned, but we did it.  We made it to the school and the rest was easy.  She didn't get upset when I left.  She played well with everyone.  I enjoyed the parent time that we had upstairs...minus the occasional panic I felt not knowing if she was having fun.  But I knew they would've come up and grabbed me if she was upset.  Still, I so desperately wanted there to be a hole in the floor so I could see how she was doing downstairs.  We went down to join the kiddos and read stories and sing songs, and although she looked a little unsure of it, and like she was ready to pack it up.... we danced the dance, and played the game, and she ran up to Mrs. Byrne gave her a hug and said her "dye, dye" and "thank you's" so I was able to leave there knowing that it was all okay.

The first day of school was a success!

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