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Monday, January 17, 2011

because we could all use a little.....


and Caidence supplied it for us.... in our laundry room on our chalkboard painted door.  it has been a long, cold, don't want to leave my house kind of month...heck winter!  I'm not one who typically complains about the weather because well, it is what it is, but I am ready to get the kiddos out there in the snow to play, and it's just been too cold!  .....enough about the weather for goodness sakes.

This week, it would appear as though things are on the up and up around here.  Maybe it's my eternal optimism, or maybe it's the fact that it's only Monday- but things are looking and feeling good again :)  Last week we got "the letter" denying E his stander so I was pretty much a hot mess for Thursday and Friday, and I feel bad because I blasted E's OT with a bunch of nastiness first thing Friday morning.  *Please note I was not yelling at her, she is one of my best friends from when we were little, and by little I mean we were in diapers little* but I spent much of his session mouthing cuss words about the system and how the whole thing is, ahem excuse me, but ef'd up, and how this little boy, our little boy, who is ready to stand has to wait for paperwork.  I do just need to quote one line from our letter.... just because I guess I am still feeling a little hot under the collar about it.  Out of the eight reasons why this one really made me scream the most:

6. Most children Easton's age require close supervision and intermittent physical assistance for various activities.  Why does he need to be able to "stand, play and move about his environment independently without another person's assistance"?

um....seriously.  Easton will be one....1...12 months old in just 30 days.  Now I am well aware that not all kids are walking at this point, but what I am aware of is that my son is trying his hardest to pull up on things to stand, but his little knees and ankles are not yet strong enough.  He wants to do it, he is ready to do it, he just needs that little extra help, the help that a stander would give him.  Don't get me wrong, I sit there and help him until my arms feel like they may fall off, that is how much he loves it.  But so we sit and wait for the paperwork... for his PT to write another letter answering ridiculous questions like #6 listed on our denial...and by we sit, I mean he sits and waits, literally.

mmkay well on that note, I'm done with that topic because clearly I'm still very pissed off about it.  Yes, pissed.  And when I said I mouthed the cuss words that may not have been all that accurate either, I am giving myself way too much credit because I'm pretty sure some were out loud.  my apologies, this isn't really how I roll, however I feel like I am failing our son, and well that will make a mama lose her cool.

Anyways onto our last couple of days:


Easton has been going bananas for big people food, so we tried our hand at some noodles mixed with some yummy baby food, and well he thought it was pretty neat-o, with a side of peek a boo.  I just keep thinking if only those noodles on his chin spelled something!

Fancy pants aka punky brewster has entered a world all her own..... with pipe cleaner crowns that daddy made her, and rollerblades that are much too big for her but she works them out.  She looks a little like a mess, but if you'd ask her she was being Olivia, the Ice princess, because that is what she is in a trance watching on the tube. 

and we ended  our Monday with a delicious session of  cupcake baking and this is what we came up with:

and because each sprinkle was hand selected made these cupcakes that much sweeter.

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  1. Mary - are you going through EI for the stander, and are you looking for a loaner? It should be easier just to get one on loan (since they are like $3000 to purchase). We used the Baker Victory Loaner Closet. Ortho (at Children's) wouldn't write a script but our ped did instead and then I went through our Service Coord. Then we called BV ourselves. Let me know if I can do anything to help.