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Monday, June 7, 2010

My friends are just simply amazing

Well, here we's June 7th, which is so hard to believe.  Where is the time going?!  I'll tell you where all of my friends time has been going these past few months...towards an unbelievable benefit for our Easton.  They have been working so hard on "Batters up for Easton" and I just want to tell the world how much we truly appreciate what they have been able to put together in such a short period of time.  It really is amazing.  It's turned into way more than I ever had imagined. 

When they approached us about a wiffle ball tourney in honor of E, I had pictured just all of our friends up there hanging out playing some good old back yard wiffle ball just having fun......and they have turned it into a huge day of fun, food, festivities and love for bub.  I still can not come up with the right words to truly express how I feel, to show how much we appreciate it, to show how much we love each and everyone of them.  They have blown us away, and all of the sponsors have too- It is going to be a day that I don't know if I will ever have the right words for it- I've been trying to come up with them for months and just nothing compares...I always end up coming up short, and this is something that I just feel like I may never be able to put into words.  It's a tears in your eyes, lump in the back of the throat, knot in the pit of your stomach feeling of gratefulness is what it is. Thank you guys for everything.... <3

I don't know that anyone will ever really know how this makes Cody and I feel.  It gives us a chance to take advantage of opportunities that we maybe wouldn't have been able to take advantage of otherwise.  I don't want to say it takes away some of the burden, because nothing about Easton is a burden...nothing.  But it does take away some of the worry of  not being able to do everything that we possibly could for our son, or provide him with some aids that could really have helped him...but I think even more than that, I find great comfort in knowing that so many people out there are rooting for our little guy.  That so many people love him and don't even know him- that our community is coming together for a day to support support and encourage our little Easton.

Of course he has no idea what is about to be on Sunday, and even though I have no doubt that he will smile and coo at just about everyone, it will not be until much later that he fully understands and appreciates this day, and my one hope is that he takes that feeling, that feeling of love, and support, and encouragement, and community and hope and togetherness and embraces it, and then finds someone in this world who needs that exact same feeling and does whatever it takes to give that feeling to them.  I want him to pass along that feeling, just as we will.  I know that this will make a huge difference in his life- I know that all of you will make a difference in his life, and I know he will make a difference in all of ours.  He is an amazing little boy- with or without the SB.... and it brings me to tears that so many of you have reached out to him. 

If there is one thing that I have really learned is that we are blessed beyond belief.  I would not change one single aspect of our life.  Our life together as a family is beautiful, and in many ways just as we had imagined it, and in a few ways even better than we ever could have.  So I'm gonna leave you with that: and say thank you to all of you who have helped with this day, I am so excited to just be with everyone....pee your pants kind of excited.  (I know a grown woman has no business saying that to the world, but I really am so excited!)

love from the Rapp's and hope to see you on Sunday! <3

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