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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

oh my beautiful life....

Listen to the sound and lose it
Its sweet music and dance with me
There is beauty in the world
So much beauty in the world
Always beauty in the world
So much beauty in the world
Shake your booty boys and girls for the beauty in the world
Pick your diamond pick your pearl there is beauty in the world
All together now.....

I have to say that this life of mine is pretty fantastic (not to boast) but for the last two days I have had a permanent smile on my face because of my lovies (they have been extra full of it, and extra adorable). Caidence is so full of mischief and now has this little snicker, that I can't help not to laugh, but at the same time am afraid to turn the corner to see what exactly is making her eyes give that extra twinkle.....and E, we've been working on getting a giggle for a couple days, and today he finally gave the double chuckle.  It was hysterical! Caidence and Easton are just simply amazing, and I have to admit that hubby of mine is pretty sweet too!  Here are some cute pics that will date back from the middle of May til the beginning of  June....enjoy the cuteness!

baby boys first day of really smiling

real men wear leggin's....sorry bub but mama loves those baby legs

baby E and his main squeeze Grace (he will really be thanking Nae when he's older for having such cute friends lol)

uncle Sti and baby E.... his first time seeing Easton out of the hospital. such a sweet moment.

"Caidence, paint the cow"

consider it done....and the percision with a paint brush lol...not bad for a 2 year old

E is certainly happy to be in C's bed....Caidence wasn't so sure at first though

sundresses + rain boots = mama's favorite

the first time Caidence shared her blankie with Easton...up until this day, he wasn't allowed to be near it... 
<3 the little things <3

very GQ

if only that sand was from sandy beach on Bailey Island ME....what I wouldn't give to smell that beach right now

bubble fun

she was too cold to run through it- 
so she stood there in her wet towel....

and when she was too tired to stand...she squatted.
Just couldn't get enough

the first day Easton swatted at a toy!!!! Yea for anti gravity movements lol


she went through and decided which flower pot was who's....and to this day, she still calls the big one daddys flowers.

her very own.... she picked that flower and carried it through out Walmart one day.

doesn't get much cuter than that

lovin' up her baby brother "eas" 
(she dropped the D, so he is no longer "Deas")

this pic just cracks me up because i think they are both trying to look tough
...or something...

Caidence's smiley face...yes he has hair and teeth...
and I believe that is a mustachio to the right of his nose
I will say Uncle Jeremy has the best face ever drawn on a  placemat hanging up at the BV :)

And a couple of my fav pics to finish up

more pics to come!

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